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1、The world is too dark, I am really tired.—这世界太黑暗,我真的累了。

2、Close your eyes. Clear your heart. Let it go. 闭上眼,清空你的心。随它去吧 。

3、Island is a marine wound to diffuse over coverage 岛是海洋想漫过来覆盖的伤。

4、If you obey all the rules. you miss all the FUN. 如果全部按牌理出牌,就不好玩了。

5、I would kiss you right now if only you were here. 如果你就在这里,我一定会马上吻你。

6、You see what you believe. 一个人相信什么,就会看见什么。

7、Heard that love is murder this sentence 听说深爱是场谋杀

8、I hate you, but love you.我恨着你,但也爱着你。

9、Faded memories, painful reality.淡了回忆,痛了现实。

10、I have been, never left 。我一直在,从没离开。

11、I want to make you happy ! 我想让你幸福快乐!

12、He that respects not is not respected. 欲受人敬,要先敬人。

13、A girl does not need a guy to be happy.女孩们,即使没有男朋友,一样可以很快乐!

14、I will always love to be the one you love. 我总想做你所爱的人

15、Do not allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not. 别让你的伤把你变成了另一个人。

16、Hello, September ! please be good to me. 你好,九月,请对我好一点。

17、A day without laughter is a day wasted. 没有欢笑的一天是白费的一天。笑一个吧~

18、give me five~给你一点正能量!www.xuemeiwen.com

19、Happiness is from courage. 幸福来自于勇气。

20、I love you, not just words 我爱你,不是说说而已

21、Accompany me to stray 陪我去流浪.

22、No one can stop my feet!没人可以阻挡我前进的路

23、It would be a fine day to me if you were well.你若安好、便是晴天

24、we are never ever getting back together.我们在也无法回到曾经。

25、有种痛,叫做懂。There is a pain, called the understand.

26、Smile like you have never been hurt. 微笑吧,像从没受过伤一样。

27、you give me a cave, surrounded by the rain.真正的自由,是由自己給的!

28、You are I can not lose the future·~ 你是我不可失去的未来~

29、You And I Were Meant To Be.你和我早已命中注定。

30、To make each day count.要让每一天都有所值。

31、bigbang exo 2pm fx 有人喜欢他们么

32、super junior、从利特开始,到E.I.F结束。

33、I will cherish every good to me, 我会珍惜身边每一个对我好的人

34、Mr.sandman 请给我一个梦想。

35、I love the people in the far future我爱的人他在多远的未来

36、I will be good, I love youso.我会好好的,等你再爱我.

37、If I am the girl in your dreams.如果我是你梦里的女孩

38、The end of the prelude is no longer two saying 结束的前奏是两个人不再有话说

39、下辈子,你们还是super junior,我们还是E.I.F。

40、Love for you wander 爱为你飘渺

41、Nevermind,I will find someone like you.没关系,我会找到某个像你的他。

42、英雄联盟的解释:LOL=Lure Over Love.诱惑人的东西毁掉了感情.

43、Thanks to you I am finally thinking about me.感谢你让我最后为自己着想。

44、Each man is the architect of his own fate.每个人都是自己命运的建筑师。

45、Those troubles, always linger.那些烦恼,永远挥之不去。

46、What does not kill you makes you stronger.任何不会致你于死的都会让你变得更强。

47、For I am here with you 我永伴你身旁

48、Do not waste your new tears for the old sorrow. ——不要为旧的悲伤,浪费新的眼泪。

49、If do not have ,if you do not need to lose?如果不曾拥有,是否就不用失去?

50、In your life, I just passers-by.在你生命中,我只是路人。